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Laundry Renovations Melbourne

Melbourne has increasingly unpredictable and extreme climate, combined with the time pressures of modern life, means we cannot spend hours each week washing and ironing the household’s clothes, towels and bedding. Laundry renovations can provide a practical area that makes optimal use of its space to facilitate these chores being done as efficiently as possible. Features such as a skylight, attractive tiling, ornate tapware and cabinetry to store appliances where they are easily retrievable but out of sight add to the ambience of the room.

Use an experienced, melbourne based trades person for your laundry renovations

Whether done separately or in conjunction with a bathroom, renovations of a laundry is a time-consuming project best placed in the hands of people with experience and technical know-how. Even basic laundry renovations are likely to require a tiler, a plumber and an electrician, so having a supplier who can coordinate all these tradespeople leaves Melbourne homeowners free to get on with their own lives while the work is done. Specialists will also be able to suggest, and incorporate most effectively into the design, innovations such as ironing stations and concertina drying racks.

Laundry renovations in Melbourne should take advantage of a wide range of style and accessories available

Melbourne has a competitive housing market stylish, modern laundry renovations will add value to the home. There is no reason this room should not have the same care and attention in its design as the kitchen, with features like stone benchtops, stainless steel sinks and taps and creative splashbacks – such a wide range of which are available in fashion-conscious Melbourne – offering a contemporary look that enhances the overall impression of the home. Irrespective of whether it is done to make life easier, increase the market value of the home, or both, Melbourne laundry renovations carried out by a firm with a proven track record in the field is a hassle-free experience with both immediate and long-term benefits.

Roller Blinds Brisbane

Brisbane has a rapidly growing population is leading to a renewal of its housing stocks, and the importation of new trends in décor the Queensland capital’s residents are choosing to adorn their homes. Traditional window coverings can look out of place with modern architecture and furnishings influenced by styles brought in from around the world, and therefore a more contemporary solution is required. Roller blinds are the ideal answer, complimenting a diverse range of styles as well as offering comfort and privacy. Available in neutral tones to give a raw, natural look or in ultra-modern gunmetal grey with stainless steel edging, they can be motorised and operated by remote control or manual. Roller blinds are available with a variety of colour coordinated accessories and powder coated bottom rails to enhance the contribution they make to the look of homes across Brisbane.

Roller blinds to suit Queensland’s harsh summer sunlight

The region of south-east Queensland in which Brisbane is situated experiences hot conditions with very high humidity in the summer months. These conditions promote growth of mould and bacteria, which severely impact on the appearance of a home and can have more serious longer term consequences. Customers have the option of roller blinds manufactured from fabrics that are resistant to both bacteria and mould, and that are washable so the build-up of any material likely to damage the blind can be removed regularly and easily. The other hazard of Brisbane’s climate is stark direct sunlight, but roller blinds counter this issue effectively. As well as being available in non-fade material, they protect the inside of the home: they act as a barrier to harmful UV rays and reflect the worst of the heat of direct sunlight, reducing the need to use air conditioning. On winter nights which can be cool even in Brisbane roller blinds provide a layer of insulation keeping latent heat from escaping.

Melbourne Blinds

There are a wide variety of blinds available in Melbourne, for use both inside and outside the windows of the home. Indoors the traditional venetian has now been augmented by lavish Roman blinds, ideal for heritage residences; easy to clean rollers for a more modern look; the cellular variety for push-button control of features such as skylights; and pleated blinds for architectural oddities like arched, triangular or asymmetric windows. Externally café blinds can be used to enclose outdoor areas, so they can be used by friends and family while protecting them from harmful UV rays.

What to look for in blinds around Melbourne

Renowned as centre of style and fashion, the residents of Melbourne are house-proud and expect their fixtures and fittings to look good as well as carry out their practical function. They expect to be able to choose from a wide range of fabrics, the colours and patterns to supplement the décor of their homes. They want a supplier who provides a consultative approach, offering advice as to how different blinds will fit into the overall look and feel of their homes. And they need the comfort of knowing the product they choose has been designed and manufactured for Melbourne’s conditions, i.e. it is made from durable material and has been treated to resist mould, corrosion, fading and fraying.

Other benefits Melbourne resident are seeing after installing blinds

In addition to their decorative aspect, blinds are an effective method of saving energy and, therefore, money. The effects of Melbourne’s varied and unpredictable climate can be managed with the different ways blinds can be positioned at any given time. Opening them on winter days to let in light and heat, having them at an oblique angle on summer days to let in soft light but keep out glare and direct heat from the sun, and closing them on winter nights to keep in latent heat all reduce the need for heating and air conditioning.