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Protect your home from the elements with blinds

Year on year we are seeing weather records being broken in Australia. We are experiencing higher maximum temperatures, longer periods of heatwave conditions and more extreme ultraviolet ratings. The scorching temperatures and consecutive hot days are uncomfortable, and cause potential medical problems for vulnerable members of the community; the increased UV levels present an immediate health hazard to us all. We need our window coverings to keep the interior of our homes as cool as possible and keep those UV rays out, and window blinds are a very effective solution.

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Enjoy the great outdoors under an outdoor awning

Australia is renowned around the world for its outdoor lifestyle. Visitors come with an image in their mind of sitting around in beautiful weather sampling the bounty of the land and the ocean that surrounds it with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. The Australian sun is particularly fierce, however, and it now well known that prolonged exposure to its direct rays is a health hazard, as well as an inconvenience. Eating, drinking or just relaxing under a large awning allows people to enjoy the great outdoors safely and comfortably.

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Roller Blinds – Perfect for the Australian Climate and Lifestyle

Australia is experiencing population growth rates that are among the highest in the developed world, and the architectural style of residential properties is broadening accordingly. Our traditional weatherboards in Victoria, stilted Queenslanders in the sunshine state and wrought iron-balconied terraces in Sydney are being augmented by high rise apartment blocks, new build estates of family homes and eco-friendly designs. Roller blinds are a practical and versatile window covering solution and Victory Curtains and Blinds have a model appropriate for all the different styles of home across the country.

Victory Curtains and Blinds produce roller blinds in neutral tones and raw textures to suit more traditional homes, and more contemporary looks such as gunmetal grey add an up-to-the-minute look to in modern buildings. They offer a wide range of colour coordinated accessories and powder coated brackets and rails to enhance the look your roller blinds add to your home and to compliment its décor. A manual chain driven system can easily operate standard-sized windows that are simple to reach. Victory Curtains and Blinds make chain systems with both poly-resin and stainless steel finishes, offering the most suitable option for customers’ tastes. Larger windows or those in less accessible locations can still be covered and uncovered without any hassle using remote-control roller blinds. These models offer the additional convenience of automatic deployment by programming them to open and close at pre-designated times.

As with all their products, Victory Curtains and Blinds manufacture roller blinds with the best interests of the Australian environment in mind. They are made by a low emissions process from PVC-free fabrics. Roller blinds continue to be ‘green’ throughout their life, by increasing a homes’ energy efficiency. Keeping the interior cool during summer and warm at winter reduces the need for heating and air-conditioning, easing the burden on the environment and your pockets.