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Bathroom Design Melbourne

With careful planning and close adherence to your budget, designing a new bathroom for your Melbourne home can be an exciting and rewarding project. Whatever your budget, clever design can deliver a luxurious, relaxing haven where you can take time out from the hectic pace of Melbourne life and wash the stresses it brings away.

Fundamental bathroom design choices

The fundamental decision you need to make is whether you want a shower as well as, or instead of, a bath. If you have plenty of room to play with you can accommodate both, but otherwise it is best to choose one or the other and get the best model space and financial limitations allow. An ornate, free-standing tub with claw feet looks great in a period home, and you can create that look whatever the age of your dwelling – there are fixtures and fittings that will carry this off. Brass tapware, mirrors and hanging light fittings will transport you back into a more opulent age. If floor space is at a premium and you can only fit in a small bath that is not a problem, a 60 inch tub is sufficient for most people to fully submerge themselves while having a secure foothold.

Designing bathrooms for Melbourne homes

If you decide to focus your bathroom design around a shower instead, there are many options available on the market in Melbourne. A modern luxury shower enables you to replicate the spa experience in the privacy of your own home. Multiple showerheads allow you to enjoy different sensations – the high rain showerhead will give you a gentle, thorough soaking; vertical showerheads provide a body massage; and a hand-held showerhead offers flexibility. An open concept shower area or frameless glass cubicle means you can get the most value from your choice of wall tiles and other design features that can transform your bathroom into an oasis of calm at the heart of your home.

Advantages of Roller Blinds

One of the many features that make roller blinds such a popular choice as a window covering is the ease with which they can be put up and taken down, making them simple to clean and maintain. These products do not need to be removed for week-in, week-out dusting as part of normal household cleaning, but should be taken down for effective removal of any stains and an annual spring clean.

How to clean Roller Blinds

A retracted roller blind is much more manageable than a traditional drape or curtain – you do not have to individually unhook ring after ring, or handle large expanses of material. Reliable, well-made roller blinds from established suppliers such as Victory Curtains and Blinds can be taken down in a short space of time using the following simple steps:

  1. Roll the blind up so it is fully retracted
  2. Remove the screw from the child safety clip – this will be found at the bottom of the chain and is usually screwed into timber
  3. Rotate the disc at the left hand side of the housing at the top of the chain which holds the retracted blind, until the disc clicks
  4. Slide the retracted blind sideways and remove it from the brackets.

Once off the wall the blind can be unrolled manually for cleaning. The whole blind can be washed by wiping with a damp cloth dipped in warm, soapy water. Any stains are best dealt with using a white eraser that you would use to rub out pencil marks from paper. If there is slight fraying on the edge of the roller blind the loose strands should be snipped off with a pair of scissors and the edge resealed with small blast of hairspray.

Having completed the cleaning the roller blinds can be put back up in a few moments, reversing the process shown above for taking them down.

Streamline your laundry renovation

Although one of the smallest rooms in the house, renovating or designing a new laundry in Melbourne is still a complicated project. Invariably it will involve some minor building work and carpentry, tiling, plumbing and replacement of, or installation of new, wiring and electrical sockets. Such a job is time consuming and creates an awful lot of mess, disrupting day to day life. Costs can also spiral out of control rapidly. Using a company who have established networks of suppliers and tradespeople, and project management expertise, will streamline the process, control costs and minimise the impact on the household.

DNA Bathrooms & Kitchens have in excess of thirty years’ experience in laundry renovation in Melbourne. Their collaborative approach ensures your own ideas and aspirations are incorporated into the initial planning phase, before they then take the reins once the shifting and grafting begins. By preparing a detailed proposal which covers all aspects of the project, they can control the cost and ensure you only pay what you expect to from the outset. You will also benefit from their longstanding relationships with suppliers and the competitive prices they can source.

Once all the products and appliances have been organised, they will give you a timescale for completion, and manage the job carefully to enable you to carry on life normally: they coordinate all the tradespeople and make sure they are only on site when actively required and their tasks are ready to be done; they appoint a specific project manager who will quality control all the work as it progresses; and they provide relevant plumbing and electrical certificates to give you peace of mind your Melbourne laundry renovation is of the highest standard.