Benefits of Awnings

burgundy awning stretched over back verandah outdoor setting

An awning, also sometimes called an overhang, is a sheet of canvas or other materials which is attached to the exterior wall of a building, usually above a window or a door, with the help of a frame in order to provide protection from sun, rain, snow, hail, etc.

Materials Used

The types of materials used for awnings and their supporting frames have evolved over time. Forget the simple cloth and wood awnings of the yore, today, awnings are made of high quality easy-wash fabrics capable of providing protection from UV rays and supporting frames are made of sturdy aluminum. You can go for simple awnings or for retractable, and even automated ones depending on the purpose and location you have in mind.

Benefits of Installing Awnings

Awnings can be installed in homes, offices, shops, restaurants, etc. and have many advantages other than the obvious one of providing shade.

At home

  • Save Energy, Save Money: Summer sun can be hot and cruel and your doors and windows often let in and trap a lot of heat. This means your air conditioner has to work harder and your energy bill shoots up accordingly. On the other hand, during winters, you spend more on indoor heating. Having awnings on doors and windows can considerably reduce the impact of the weather on the indoor temperature leading to savings in utility bills.
  • Aesthetic Purposes: Many people install awnings as they increase the aesthetic value of their homes. With so many varieties, styles, and designs available today, you can pick something that reflects your individuality.
  • Extending your Living area: You can redefine your living space by adding to your patio. This not only provides shelter, it increases your living space and provides a perfect place to relax and enjoy with your family.
  • Save Furniture and Furnishings: A common problem with furniture and furnishings that are placed near windows is that they suffer sun damage. Awnings prevent your belongings from fading and helps in increasing their life.
  • Protecting your Terrace Garden: If you love gardening and work religiously on your plants, you would understand that too much exposure to elements can be detrimental to their health. Awnings are a great solution to provide shade to your terrace garden.

At offices, shops, and other business establishments

  • Increasing the Curb Value: An innovatively designed awning can increase the curb value of your establishment and help you distinguish your place of business from those around it.
  • Creating outdoor space: Awnings can be used to increase space for special sales or create an outdoor ambience. Restaurants can use awnings to place tables for diners to enjoy open-air dining experience.

All in all, awnings can be a great addition to any building from both an aesthetic and functionality point of view.